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Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. and alex rodriguez. the yankees, the orioles. let me tell you that he is he isgioridi he bences the highest paid player of all time. and each series went to a 15. part of life cc vallhjo yankees will play detroit. i cannot say enough to bench alex rodriquez. and joe girardi has a lot of guts. however the oakland a's fans said goodbye last night, beautifully. (chanting) 'let's go all the way" 36,000 fans. adding to their credit. because of all the circumstances. and the possibility of moving to san jose they were averaging 18,000 gam fans per game. however, they came out in great support. it was rocking. and the playoff games. and the players knew it. >> they had our backs. we had been giving it to them all year. and they did the same for us. it has been a magical season. >> and outside of the clubhouse. it released innings. we have come a long way. and it-really has come a long way with these accomplishments for this year. i feel like w made a huge mark. we could have gone farther. >> is a bit of a shock when it finally does and it was one h
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. it is tons of the yankees can be done-it is tons of the incas to be on at prime time. however, 0-0 is the score right now. and baseball, the cardinals. the first playoff game in washington d.c. since 1933. the arizona cardinals. they, right back. the, right back and would not look back. they, right back. and the giants, they come right back. strasbourg was a strike shut down. and they wanted to limit his innings he was just a spectator. eight-nothing in the lead the series. with candlestick park they are favored with the new york giants. carl williams has bounced back. do you remember his fumble? with the giants winning field goal and kyle williams has come back. with returning kicks and the record-breaking performance. that is what the thing is with harbaugh. they did not give up. he lives to play another day. >> i'm not trying to do too much. everybody plays the role and it does what they have to do. they have something that we should have sole going into this year we do not want to leave anything left. to chants on the field. >> there is a new weight room. anything left -- to chanc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2